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To help you prepare for your tour, following are some answers to
Frequently Asked Questions and a Quick Checklist.

  • For overnight trips, we will hold a meeting about 2-4 weeks before the trip.  We recommend that every student and at least one parent/guardian attend that meeting.  If you miss the meeting, you can download the materials here.

  • All payments are non-refundable.  It is very important to have a guaranteed count of passengers to make the trip planning process easier for everyone – including yourself.  We may not be able to determine a final cost until all payments have been received and we know how many passengers will be on the trip.

  • Please refer to your tour’s webpage anytime to access important information, specifically about your tour.

2 - Pay Deposit

You may have already paid your deposit directly to someone at the school.  If you are registering online, you will be asked to pay your deposit immediately by credit card or you can mail a check after you have registered.  If mailing a check, please include the passenger’s name, group name and trip destination.  All payments are non-refundable.

3 - Download and Complete Forms

You may have already received all necessary forms directly from the school.  If you are registering online, please download and complete our Medical Consent Form. Please refer to your tour’s webpage for instructions about where to submit the completed form.  Replacement forms can be accessed on our Forms page, including most things that are passed out at the meeting.

4 - Pay Final Payment

If you are registering and paying online, there is a link on your tour’s webage to pay your final payment.  The amount may not be available until we have a guaranteed number of passengers established.  If you need to pay a different amount because of a specific circumstance, please complete our Credit Card Authorization Form and send it to our office.  You will need your password to access your registration page.  All payments are non-refundable.

5 - Attend Meeting

For all overnight trips, we will hold a meeting approximately 2 – 5 weeks before the trip.  Your final payment may be due at that meeting.  Information about the date, time and whether or not payments are being accepted can be found on your tour’s webpage.  We recommend that every passenger on the trip attend the meeting, along with at least one parent/guardian.

6 - Have Fun on Your Tour!

Our trips are structured to provide a once-in-a-lifetime experience for everyone involved.  Students will learn lessons that will last a lifetime, while having fun with their classmates.  We create itineraries that pack in as many different stops as possible so that the students can see all that a city has to offer and want to return to that place to explore with their family, or on their own one day!